Recognizing the Legacy of Enlisted Airmen

The mission of the Airman Heritage Foundation (AHF) is to support the USAF Airman Heritage Museum and its mission to preserve and honor the history of enlisted airmen. The Foundation seeks to increase aware-ness of the USAF and the Museum in preserving and honoring the many significant accomplishments, culture, traditions and legacy of enlisted air-men. It works to educate current and future airmen and the general public on the role enlisted airmen have played in the success of the USAF mission, while creating a program to enhance the education and professional devel-opment for future airmen. And, the AHF raises funds and provides resources and financial support for museum and heritage-related activities not fully funded by the Air Force. The Foundation’s Board of Directors is led by President Timmothy Dickens, Chief Master Sgt., USAF (Ret.),  and is composed of other retired military and civilian volunteers who manage the various AHF programs, finances, marketing and fundraising.

Strategic partnerships are critical to the success of the Foundation. It has continued to enjoy and mature its relation-ships with the Air Force Federal Credit Union and the Air Force Sergeants Association. President Dickens notes that, “they both share the passion of our purpose and are key advocates towards our efforts to ‘Build the Dream.’

Additional relationships with local community leaders and representatives from local, state and national offices have helped them appreciate the value in supporting the AHF and long-term partnerships. And, partnerships with HQ AETC, the Command History

Office, 502nd ABW and the 37th TRW remain essential to providing guidance and support.


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