David Shultz

David Shultz, Lt. Col., USAF (Ret.), is a Board member of the Airman Heritage Foundation and serves as the AHF Education/Outreach Program Manager. A graduate of Texas Tech University with a degree in Meteorology and commissioned through their ROTC program in 1978,  Shultz earned an MPA in Organizational Leadership during his USAF career from Golden Gate University.  He spent the majority of his 29 years in Tactical and Base Communications operations and later filled leadership positions in Air Force Services organizations.

Upon retirement in 2007, he served as the Curator for the Texas Air Museum, Stinson Chapter, in San Antonio, co-authoring a book set entitled “Into the Blue.”  This three-volume series traces the evolution of USAF uniforms from the days of the US Army Signal Corps/Air Service of WWI through the modern day USAF, covering the entire gamut of standard-issue uniforms. He is organizing the AHF USAF Heritage Collection, a transportable/tailorable “mobile museum” to support both local and worldwide special events spotlighting AF history and honoring USAF veterans. Shultz joined the AHF Board in 2017.