Future Airman Heritage Museum Status

Airman Heritage Museum• 85,000 square feet footprint site selected and approved.
• Functional requirements identified & diagrammed.
• Building construction program and schedule outlined.
• Facility construction and equipping costs estimated. Concept design architectural rendering and scale model produced.



focus2• Provide the full spectrum of our Air Force’s enlisted heritage, capturing the Airman’s journey through the ages.
• Tell the story of enlisted basic military training – plus technical training and beyond – from the early days of Air Force history up until the present.
• Do so through displays of historical artifacts, paintings, videos, and presentations.
• Enhance the BMT curriculum by putting young trainees in contact with the historical legacy portrayed by the museum’s exhibits and interactive technology.
• Provide an ideal setting and documentation for the conduct of historical and scholarly research in the areas of military training and leadership.
• Expand the current educational programs to reach out to students and faculty across the nation.
• Afford a prime opportunity for the hundreds of thousands of trainees’ families and friends passing yearly through the gates of Lackland AFB to gain a deeper understanding of the military service their loved ones have joined. Make them feel as an extended proud participant of their journey.
• Create the conditions to inspire and motivate young men and women to consider the Air Force as a noble and exciting profession and career.
• Convert this state-of–the-art facility into a “must see” attraction for local and surrounding communities, as well as for national tourists and foreign visitors.

The Need

Picture3The USAF Airman Heritage Museum significantly impacts the esprit-de-corps of the United States Air Force’s Enlisted personnel. It is an integral part of the Basic Military Training curriculum, as all BMT trainees are scheduled to spend one hour here during their 7th week of their 8 1/2 weeks of training. This brings them in contact with Air Force history, traditions, and heritage.

The current facility is antiquated – built in 1942 – and inadequately small, consisting of only 6,778 square feet of space. Its small storage and reproduction areas limit the display and rotation of exhibits.

This facility does not meet some specific code requirements for artifact and exhibit’s preservation and their display only meets the minimum museum and fire rating requirements.

In spite of its isolated location within Lackland Air Force Base, it logs an estimated annual traffic load of 85K visitors that include BMT trainees plus the general public. Such heavy traffic is in fact causing environmental distress on the facility and its exhibits.

Building the Future

Today is a pivotal moment in the enlisted Airman’s history – a time when civic leaders, businesses, families and individuals have joined together to create a new cultural institution that will reshape the image and realty of this international gateway city. The new USAF Airman Heritage Museum will support the innovation and creativity inherent in San Antonio’s richly diverse community – inspiring dreams, raising aspirations and motivating people of all ages to discover new skills and enjoy the pleasures of learning.

With powerful, scientific, educational and career resources, it will enrich the lives of Americans and visitors from around the world. With its real-life marvels, interactive exhibits, and exciting learning adventures in a state-of-the-art energy-efficient building, the new USAF Airman Heritage Museum will introduce the basic concepts of basic training and careers. It will also be a unique educational resource for people of all ages, cultures, and economic backgrounds.