Honor Our Heroes

Honor your military service members – past, present, and future – through the Airman Heritage Foundation Legacy Paver Program. This is an excellent gift for Basic Military Training graduates and many other special occasions, including promotions, retirements, and birthdays.

Families, loved ones, colleagues, and organizations can purchase engraved pavers (bricks) that will be permanently installed in prominent areas around the BMT parade field at Joint Base San Antonio – Lackland as a lasting tribute of their service and dedication. Those who purchase pavers will also receive an electronic Certificate of Authenticity which can be printed and presented to the member.

Pavers Examples




4" x 8" Paver

3 lines and 14 characters

$95.00, two or more @$90.00 each


8" x 8" Paver

6 lines and 14 characters

$195.00, two or more @$185.00 each


8" x 8" Paver with Personalized Logo

2 lines of 14 characters

$495.00, two or more @$485.00 each


12" X 12" Paver

9 lines 19 characters

$595.00, two or more @$580.00 each


12" X 12" Paver with Logo

2 lines of 19 characters

$695.00, two or more @$680.00 each


IMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT PAVER INSTALLATION/DELIVERY: After you complete this order, you will receive two emails. If you do not receive either email, check your spam or junk mailbox. If not found there, please contact foundation@myairmanmuseum.org. Both emails will be sent to the email address provided in your order. The first email is an immediate recognition of your order. The second email will arrive after your paver is installed. Pavers are obtained from the engraver in large batches. Due to manufacturer supply chain issues, some orders may take up to 4 to 6 months before installation.

All pavers become the property of the Airman Heritage Foundation, Inc. The Foundation reserves the right to reject inappropriately worded or offensive pavers. Additionally, due to manufacturing limitations, not all logos are possible to be engraved. You will be notified prior to order placement with the manufacturer if engravements need adjustment. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is not part of the Department of Defense or any of its components. Your order is tax-deductible. The Foundation thanks you for your support.