Exciting Changes Coming to the Legacy Paver Program

2021 is going to be a fantastic year with major changes and upgrades to the Legacy Paver Program.  The Foundation has laid the groundwork for a locator system that allows everyone to perform a search on the Foundation’s page to find the location of any paver.  This program is evolving and the first 1,200 pavers are prepared to have a searchable location. This feature should be ready within the upcoming year. 

The Foundation is also thrilled to share that there will be new and additional opportunities to honor the service and sacrifices of those who served.  The Legacy Paver Program is growing and we will be offering pavers in additional sizes to allow multiple names to capture several family members, special teams or groups, or thoughts that were not previously possible in the three lines of the original pavers.  Additionally, pavers will offer expanded service symbols to highlight your branch of service.

The Foundation is exploring many other ways to add value to you, your membership, and those we honor.  Continue to check in often and share the good news!

Legacy Paver Program on display at the Airman Heritage Experience on base at Joint Base San Antonio – Lackland.