USAF Celebrates Women’s Equality Day at JBSA-Fort Sam Houston

The Airman Heritage Foundation (AHF) was present and accounted for during the Women’s Equality Day celebration held at the Sam Houston Community Center at Fort Sam Houston on the August 26, 2023. The program was sponsored by Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) to highlight the history and accomplishments of women in the United States Armed Forces.


AHF had an exhibit commemorating the Women in the Air Force (WAF) who worked to foster equity and fairness for all women in the U.S. Air Force. “The WAF were the trailblazers in the USAF who brought about major transformations, leveling the playing field across the board.  During their 3 decade-long existence, career fields went from roughly 10% to 96% of career fields being open to women. During this time, many unfair official practices were eliminated,” remarked Lt. Col. Dave Shultz (ret.), AHF Outreach Program Manager.


Soldiers at JBSA-Fort Sam Houston look over a USAF women's uniform know as "Silver Tans" during the Women's Equality Day event.

Soldiers learn about the accoutrements on a 1950’s WAF Summer Service Dress Uniform, aka “Silver Tans”, during the Women’s Equality Day event.


Attendees review collages and memorabilia during Women's Equality Day event at JBSA-Fort Sam Houston.

Tables full of period photo collages and WAF memorabilia interested many attendees.